Carnival Special

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Dec. 21, 2020

Fun, frolic, amusement, games, laughter, all of this is synonymous to? A Carnival! And when all of those elements are present what else do we have? Food ofcourse! Today on Indias Kitchen lets explore some carnival treats! A creamy chicken gravy that is multi function because it can be served with pasta or spaghetti or even rice! Chicken stroganoff can classify as not only carnival food but also comfort food and Chef Tarika brings this gem to your kitchen just for you! Anyone who doesnt enjoy potatoes, is probably lying! So Chef Shantanu brings the easiest potato recipe with a Roast potatoes to relish at any time of the day! Another carnival favorite is spaghetti and meat balls, and Chef Shantanu gets to you a a juicy spaghetti and meatballs recipe to entice your taste buds. And finally adding an Indian twist to carnivals, Chef Smita Deo guides you how to make the perfect Kheema Biryani which is the perfect love child of spicy mince on a bed of flavored rice!