Easter Special

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Dec. 21, 2020

Looking for Easter eggs can make anyone super hungry, and when hunger strikes, India's Kitchen comes to your rescue, this time around with an Easter Special. After a visit from the waster bunny, Chef Varun Inamdar brings to you his favorite, a chicken mayo roll to combat your hunger. No one can resist a good Mac n cheese, Chef Tarika bring to you her version of this irresistible charm! Lamb chops on a holiday afternoon are the perfect thing to relish! Chef Neelam brings this amazingly delicious recipe to your kitchen, just for you. A cocktail along with an array of food only enhances the experience of food, Chef Tarika brings to you the classic margarita, enjoy! And when there's a feast, there's always something sweet, so Chef Priyanka, brings to your kitchen an eggless sponge cake that will impress your family and guests.