Brunch Special

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Dec. 21, 2020

Some days are just one of those where it's too late for breakfast and yet too early for lunch, so the best thing to do is whip up a charming brunch! Today on India's Kitchen, let's explore some brunch specials! Since it's too early to relish deep fried food, Chef Neha Naik, brings to you an alternative with a baked chicken drumsticks recipe to have an amazing start to your day. Chef Varun contributes to this brunch menu with a cheese burger to entice your taste buds! While Chef Sneha Nair, brings to your kitchen an idli that's stuffed with perfectly spiced kheema or mince that is sure to leave your hungry tummy satisfied! And Chef Tarika suggests you have something to sip on while having all this delicious food and thus presents to you a bloody Mary mocktail recipe for you to quench your thirst!