Christmas Brunch

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Dec. 21, 2020

Its that time of the year again, when families celebrate love and joy, yes youre right, its CHRISTMAS! This time around we bring to you a Christmas Brunch special on Indias Kitchen. First up something delicious and tasty, as every meal should be, Chef Varun brings to your kitchen a Chicken Burger recipe for you to impress your family! Chicken roasted to perfection is the perfect thing to serve at a Christmas brunch and Chef Neelam brings to your the best and easiest recipe of a roast chicken. Mashed potatoes is an all time favorite side, chef Tarika brings to your kitchen a creamy mashed potato recipe to entice your taste buds.A brunch should always end on a sweet note and thus Chef Smita Deo brings to your kitchen a pancake topped with bananas recipe! Enjoy!