Soccer nights

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Dec. 21, 2020

For all the soccer fans out there, we have just the episode youve been waiting for! Today on Indias Kitchen we bring to you a soccer special episode with your favorite footballers and their foodie secrets! The British footballer who also belonged to Manchester United, none other than Wayne Rooney loves a good spaghetti and Chef Varun Inamdar presents to him and you a Spaghetti Bolognese to entice your taste buds! Mario Balotelli! The Manchester City footballer from Italy and ofcourse as all Italians he loves pizza too! So Chef Anushruti pays an ode to him with a no bake pizza recipe that you must definitely try! The contender from Uruguay and the teammate of Barca! Guessed it right, Luis Suarez, sure does love a spicy bite! Chef Nick Saraf brings to you Suarezs favorite, spicy Barbeque Chicken. Enjoy yall!Descending from spain and played for Real Madrid, Iker Casillas enjoys sea food and Chef Varun Inamdar gives a desi ode to him with a Pomfret fry that you definitely must try! Brazillian player and the foward from team Paris Saint Germain, ! uNemar Jr. enjoys a good pasta aglio e olio! Abd Chef Shantanu brings this to hiks table as well as yours!