Midnight Cravings

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Dec. 21, 2020

As youngsters, weve all always had parties that went on till so late that all the restaurants would shut down, on Indias kitchen we bring to you an ode to those all nighters with an episode that will rid you off of all your midnight cravings. The easiest thing you can put together is the ingredients you have already got in your fridge and the combination of chicken and olives is a divine fix to curb any craving you have at any odd time! Chef Shantanu brings to your kitchen a chicken and olive recipe. A cheesy chicken pasta is one thing that can fulfill every taste bud you have and Chef Varun Inamdar brings to you the easiest version there is with a one pot chicken pasta! Onions are one ingredient that is always found in our kitchen and when you ache for something tasty and healthy, baked onion rings should be your go to recipe! Heres Chef Tarika who will show you how to make this snacking charm!Sometimes all we wish for is some simple comforting food and what better than a hot bowl of chicken soup? Chef Varun Inamdar brings to your kitchen the synonym of comfort wioth a chicken soup that you shouldnt miss. And finally Chef Varun Inamdar brings to your kitchen the simplest recipe there is of the cheesiest omlete youve ever had! Enjoy!