Chef Shantanu Special

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Dec. 21, 2020

From pies to burgers, he can make it all! Chef Shantanu is the most talented Chef at Indias Kitchen and topday we bring to you an episode from his cook books! First up, we have an easy peasy starter recipe of schzwan potatoes, that is to be a sure hit at any of your parties! Any amount of starters are never enough and thus Chef Shantanu shares with you his special Nachos with cheese sauce and salsa recipe to add some variety to your dinner table! A good pasta is always welcome and Chef Shanatanu suggests you try his Penne Arrabiata with chicken recipe to impress anyone you cook for. Kheema or chicken mince is a relished recipe in most indian households, chef Shantanu brings his version of this delicious dish to your kitchen just for you! Pears and wine are an amazing combination! Chef Shantanu brings to you a mulled wine, poached pears recipe to entice your taste buds!