Chef Anushruti Special

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Dec. 21, 2020

Cooking for people is exactly what makes her smile and her food is delicious! Indias Kitchen brings to you a Chef Anushruti special where she showers all her love through her recipes! Lettuce is used in a lotof salads and has this amazingly crunchy taste to it, but Chef Anushruti brings to you an innovative recipe with a vegetarian lettuce warp to entice your taste buds! Burgers are always a meaty delight but Chef Anushruti gets to you a soy burger which is the best replacement for a meat burger! Different kinds of breads taste so amazing, breads with herbs and spices and always a favorite! Chef Anushruti gets to your kitchen a Foccacia bread for you tyo have some variety on your dinner table! When a meal is a good one, desert is irresistible and specially if its a chocolate cup ckae with a Ferrero Rocher icing! Enjoy as Chef Anushruti brings this gem top your kitchen!