Chef Priyanka Special

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Dec. 21, 2020

Baking requires enthusiasm and Chef Priyanka is one of the most enthusiastic Chefs we have at Indias Kitchen. On our episode today, she brings to you some of her baking charms and gems. Chef Priyanka brings to you a creative recipe with a zebra cake that is sure to impress everyone you know. No one can deny the love for pudding and if we say wed add hot chocolate to it, wont you be floored? Chef Priyanka does just that! She brings to you a hot chocolate pudding to curb all your cravings!Toffee, bananas and cream combined together to make a delicious no bake desert! What more can you ask for? Chef Priyanka brings to you a banoffee pie recipe to entice your taste buds.Sometimes we crave for something thats soft and cake like but not too sweet, and a carrot cake is perfect to help you get rid of your cravings! Chef Priyanka brings to you an eggless carrot cake that is quick and easy to bake!