Chef Upasana Special

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Dec. 21, 2020

From baking basics to baking challenges, shes done it all! And today, on Indias Kitchen well dedicate an episode to our baking Queen Chef Upasana! Bread is that one thing we always buy at a store but Chef Upasan shows you an easy way to make bread with a twist! She brings to you a tadka pav recipe to get some spice to your table! Vada pav is a favorite street food recipe from the city of Mumbai! Chef Upasana adds her touch to this classic and brings to you a baked vada pav that you wont be able to resist! Semolina is traditionally an important ingredient in Indian sweets, inspired by the same Chef Upasana whips up a quick and easy semolina cake to entice your taste buds. Caramel just has to be a favorite when it comes to deserts! And chef Upasana brings to you the famous millionaire bars which is in fact also known as caramel slice! Enjoy!