Chef Tarika Special

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Dec. 21, 2020

If youre planning to make a fancy dinner, Chef Tarikas recipe are a go to! Today on Indias kitchen we bring to you a few recipes that she loves from her Recipe book! First up, Chef Tarika gets to your kitchen an Achari chicken thats nothing but her version of pickled chicken to excite your taste buds. Butter chicken is a hit no matter what the occasion, but it can get heavy on you health, but fear not as chef Tarika has the perfect no butter, butter chicken recipe that doesnt only taste good but also allows you to relish it without any fear of its calories! A drink along with some amazing food, is always welcome, isnt it? Chef Tarika brings to you a refreshing cucumber slush which is easy to make and tastes heavenly! A good meal always makes you crave for something sweet doesnt it? And thus Chef Tarika shares with you her personal favourite Vegan Chocolate pudding recipe for you to curb all your cravings.