Chef Ruchi Bharani Special

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Dec. 21, 2020

Today, we bring to you a chefs special with our most loved chef, the cute and bubbly, Chef Ruchi Barani as she brings to you her favorites all combined in one episode! Noodles are every kids most beloved dish, keeping that in mind Chef Ruchi bhanari brings to you a pan fried noodle recipe that your kids wont be able to resist. Chef Ruchi bharani brings her secret pizza sauce to your kitchen for you to fulfil your pizza cravings right at home! Since you have already learnt how to make a pizza sauce, chef Ruchi Bharani puts this knowledge to good use with a Paneer tikka pizza that can be made in minutes! She also brings to you an innovative soya kheema naan recipe that you shouldnt miss. Chef Ruchi Bharani brings to you an easy chocolate cups recipe to entice your taste buds.