Dirty Little Secrets About The Vodka Industry

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Nov. 12, 2017

Time to uncover some of the deep secrets about the vodka industry and how it goes about selling you its ultra premium branded spirits. The dirty little secrets of vodka are many. The secrets are plenty as we dig deeper into what makes a brand. For instance, using a company like Ultra Pure allows you to create your own 4x distilled vodka without having to ever touch a still or legally own a still. Yet, you can still sell your own branded product and label it "hand crafted", what!? Sure, you can go out of your way to make an artisanal vodka but at what cost? How are you going to market it with a better story than a company that buys grain neutral spirit (GNS) from the lowest shop and cuts it with their super premium water supply? Oh yeah, what about that charcoal filtration? Or...any filtration at all? Sure, you can make a great 3x distilled vodka but why would you need to clean it to make it completely odorless unless, of course, the odor it gives off is rough and ugly? What about copper pot distilled vodka? That makes it more expensive, right? What if you found out you can't distill vodka in a pot still without having columns to purify it to its legal 95/96 standards? Pure vodka is more expensive vodka and you're willing to pay for it, even if the purity of the vodka is to remove the ugly poor quality "nuance" the vodka is bringing to your mouth and nose. How stupid are we? We want to pay more to get less. Kinda silly, right?