How To Make Delicious Strawberry Smoothie In 5 Ways

We all love STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE, don't we? Let's learn how to make a strawberry smoothie in 5 delicious ways. Making fruit smoothies as a part of your daily diet is an easy way to achieve a well nourished body. Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals and other nutrients to help your body fight several diseases brought about by the hazards of the environment and other harmful toxins in the body.

Strawberry is one fruit that can be made into smoothies. Strawberries are small, red fruits that are packed with lots of health benefits when compared to other fruits. They also contain the highest amount of nutrients that when taken helps prevent the onset of diseases. It maybe small but it is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients needed by the body to promote good health.

Strawberries also contain an anti inflammatory compound known as salicylic acid. Making smoothie as a part of your daily diet is the best thing that you can do with this fruit. healthy strawberry smoothie recipe can give your body more fiber and nutrients than drinking juice every day.

Smoothie King introduced the nutritional fresh-blended smoothie in 1973 when founder Steve Kuhnau began experimenting with recipe for strawberry smoothie by mixing real fruit, nutrients and proteins in a blender at home. Soon enough, his concoctions began to have a positive impact on his health, which spawned the creation of the first Smoothie King.

Cookbook authors have expanded the smoothie strawberry smoothie with milk category to include vegetables and dairy, bringing it right back to the milkshake. But the true strawberry smoothie recipe will always be the smooth blend of icy cold fruit juice, fresh fruit, and ice beach quencher.

Adding Strawberry to Your Smoothie

The strawberry is a popular choice for smoothies. Especially for the breakfast strawberry banana smoothie just seems to be that perfect way to start your morning. Strawberries are sweet but also have a milder taste than some of the stronger berries like strawberry blueberry smoothie
. They are not tart like a cranberry. They do not have a deeper berry taste like a blueberry.

A popular flavor combination for your smoothie is strawberry banana smoothie recipe. Both are sweet, but different types of fruits. They both have a milder flavour than some other fruits, and complement each other in a smoothie. Another favourite choice for your strawberry is to add berries to make strawberry blueberry smoothie. Blueberries have a deeper flavor and the milder strawberry will compliment the stronger blueberry. Yoghurt smoothie when added with strawberries is also a drink with cooling effect to beat the sultry summers. Strawberries are a great kid-friendly smoothie ingredient. Many kids easily drink strawberry smoothie with yogurt, even when they wont choose other fruits.

Add a handful of strawberries to your smoothie for a healthy and sweet taste! Wake up and blend up one of these healthy smoothie recipes for a great start to your day.

Drinking one cup of strawberry smoothie contains dietary fiber less the calories. The fiber contents of strawberry yogurt smoothie helps keep digestive system healthy as well as it aids in lowering the blood pressure and reduce over eating. Strawberries red color can be credited to its Anthocyanin content that is also an anti-oxidant and may help boost overall health and treat specific health issues like heart disease and cancer. Anthocyanin gives anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-cancer benefits. Banana strawberry smoothie can also fight other inflammatory diseases like osteoarthritis and asthma because it acts as a pain reliever without the harmful side effects that over counter drugs have.

Its anti-cancer property is known to fight against the onset of different cancer forms. It is also rich in Vitamin C that boosts the immune system and is a good agent for the faster healing of all types of wounds. Frozen strawberry smoothie contains Folate which aids in cell repair and maintenance. Folate also helps to combat depression and dementia it also helps in the proper functioning of the brain slows down the effects of aging strawberries when made easy strawberry smoothie helps to build strong hair and nails and protects the bodys skin from sagging.

This is all about Strawberries Smoothies! Strawberries are a powerhouse of nutrition. Including them in our diets can be one of the best things we can do for our health.