Orange Juice Is Artificially Flavored To Taste Like Orange Juice ?

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Nov. 02, 2016

Why is freshly squeezed orange juice better for cocktails? Because orange juice at the store is artificially flavored to taste like orange juice (again) because of the process they use to mass produce it.The fact is, mass production requires scale and length of time to store it. That means they suck the oxygen out of the 100 orange juice because it lengthens the life of the juice. However, doing so removes all the flavor from orange juice leaving it tasting like...flavorless sweet.It's not surprising, we do have a lot of juice to produce for the US and abroad, so how are we going to do this without elements of scale?So, don't be surprised by Deaeration. Deaeration is the removal of air molecules (usually meaning oxygen) from another gas or liquid. It can refer to: Use of a deaerator. Degasification, the removal of dissolved gases, such as oxygen, from liquids.