Would You Like To Munch On Shards Of Glass While Watching TV?

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May. 12, 2015

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Come on, admit it! You simply love potato chips, no matter how unhealthy they may be. You just cannot resist munching on them while catching your favorite game or movie on the telly. But must they always give you away? No way, but only if you have a bowl of transparent, glass-like potato chips that have light passing through them.

Hmman excellent idea! But how can you get some, they are not available at the grocery stores surely? Fret not! Make them yourself. The original recipe is by Hamid Salimian, the Iranian Chef though. He uses only potato starch and stock to create this effect. The crunch and flavor of the quintessential potato chips are not lost, however.

So go ahead, watch the video below for a quick cooking lesson and entertain your friends with shards of glass on their plate. No worries! You dont have to contend with bleeding mouths here. They can safely chew on the glass lookalike. Bon Appétit!

Image Credit: pinterest