Doce De Ovos

Doce De Ovos refers to a sweet dish from Portugal, particularly made of sugar, water, and eggs. The dish is basically used as a filling ingredient for pastry. However, it can be used for various other culinary purposes also. This sweet filling ingredient is commonly referred as “the sweet soul of Portugal”.


Uses of Doce De Ovos

A few culinary uses of this sweet ingredient are explained hereunder:


  • The primary usage of this sweet dish is to use it in the form of filling ingredient in pastries.  The pastry dough is prepared, and stretched until extremely thin. It is then cut in the form of circles and wrapped around already prepared sweet filling of sugar, eggs, and water. The thin and flaky filo dough pastry is a real delight of the Portuguese cuisine.


  • The sweet dish might also be used in the form of sauce after thinning it out.


  • Another culinary use of this sweet is to use it in the form of glaze for tarts and cakes.


Doce De Ovos Recipe- Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

The ingredients required for preparing Doce De Ovos consist of granulated sugar, egg, water, vanilla, and orange blossom water.


Sugar and water are boiled together for some time, and eggs are beaten side by side. The hot sugary syrup is then poured gradually to the beaten eggs, while making sure to whisk constantly. Thereafter, the mix is boiled until foamy and thick, and then, allowed to cool. It is then combined with orange blossom water and vanilla, covered with a plastic, and refrigerated before using it as filling for pastry. For using the sweet dish in the form of glaze or sauce, it is thinned out by the addition of water.  


Doce De Ovos Recipe Variations

A couple of recipe variations are given here:


  • Lemon peel can be added to the mix of sugar and water, while preparing the sugary syrup.


  • A few recipe variations do not call for addition of vanilla and orange blossom water while preparing Doce De Ovos.