Dobos Torte

Dobos torte, also called Dobosh is a very popular Hungarian sponge cake with five layers which comprises chocolate buttercream and a thin top layer of caramel slices. 


History of Dobos Torte

This Hungarian confectioner was invented by József C. Dobos (who live from 1847 to 1924) in the year 1884. The main aim of József C. Dobos in the creation of the now popular Dobos torte cake was to design a cake that could have a longer shelf life than the regular pastries, as in those times, refrigeration or any such cooling techniques were mostly foreign. The caramel topping, which is an integral part of the cake, was introduced in the dobos torte recipe with the sole purpose of preventing the baked food from drying out.


Dobos torte was first publicly introduced at the 1885 National General Exhibition held in Budapest and among the first ones to taste it were Empress Elisabeth and Franz Joseph I. The cake soon gained popularity throughout Europe owing to its uniquity and simplicity and also because of the usage of fine buttercream in the cake, whereas cakes of those times were only familiar to whipped or pastry cream fillings and frostings. The Dobos torte recipe however was kept confidential until 1906, when JózsefC. Dobos retired and passed on the original recipe to the Gingerbread Makers' and Budapest Confectioners'.


Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Dobos Torte

The spongy cake layers for the dobos torte is made by baking a batter made out of eggs, sugar, all purpose flour and vanilla while the filling for the cake is made with semisweet and unsweetened chocolate, unsalted butter, sugar and egg whites. For the caramel glaze, sugar and water are boiled to sticky, golden brown sauce which is immediately poured over the cake’s top layer. The sponge cake batter is usually baked till brown in round baking pans for different layers, with each layer being cemented with the chocolate buttercream.


Popular Dobosh Variations

The Dobos torte recipe often suggests the use of nuts and thus, the dobos torte cake can sometimes also be found coated at the sides with different ground nuts like hazelnuts, almonds, chestnuts or walnuts although the original Dobos torte recipe doesn’t mention any coatings at the sides and prescribes keeping the cake big in size, as was originally done by the cake creator, Dobos. One layered cake similar to Dobos torte is the Dutch-Indonesian Spekkoek cake or Spiku.


Dobos Torte Recipe:Trivia 

Dobos tortehas quite a few synonyms, most heard amongst which is “Dobostorta,” also spelled as “Dobos-torta.”