Cavallucci are traditional cookies from Vienna with a chewy texture and flavor of anise. These cookies are typically roundish in shape and are fairly large sized. Traditionally, Cavallucci cookies are given as presents or gifts on special occasions.


History of Cavallucci Cookie

Cavallucci was traditionally made by the peasant class of Italy and Vienna. In the 16th century, these cookies were eaten by the postal workers of the time that used cavalli or horses to deliver the mail. Over time, the cavalli or postal workers shared the recipe with the local stable hands resulting in the dish being eaten by the stable hands quite regularly. A gentrified version of the cookie is now very popular in the city as gifts for special occasions. 


Cavallucci Recipe: Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

These cookies are made by mixing flour with baking powder or sodium bicarbonate. Sweeteners are added in the form of sugar and honey. A syrup is made with sugar and honey. Once the syrup reaches a one-thread thickness, it is allowed to cool and the dough is prepared. Anise powder is the predominant flavoring that is used but added candied flavoring is usually present in the form of almonds, candied citron peel, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a pinch of coriander powder. The dough is dusted with a thick coating of flour which makes the cookie look white during serving. The cookies also have to be rested before they can be served and this also makes them chewy.


Serving and Eating Viennese Cavallucci

These special cookies are served at festive occasions as a gift or as presents for relatives. In some families in Vienna, it is a tradition to serve these cookies at Christmas. Now the cookie is sold commercially in bakeries and is also served as a tea biscuit or with a sweet red wine.


Health and Nutrition Facts of Viennese Cavallucci Cookie

A single serving of this cookie contains 54 calories. The total fat content is about 2g, the sodium content is 58mg, the carbohydrate content is 8g and the protein content is about 1 g.



Cavallucci in Italian means Little Horses.