Belgian Bread

Belgian bread is a term that refers to the bread or bread variant that are typical to the country of Belgium. The bread is an integral part of any meal at a regular Belgian home.  Belgians are very fond of their breads and their spreads and in many of the supermarket and food stores, an entire section is dedicated to bread baking ingredients and bread spreads.  Tuna, salmon, ham, shrimp, eggs, are some of the pre-mixed sandwich spreads stacked in the refrigerator shelves of supermarkets. The specially packed dessert sandwich spreads made up of flavors like hazelnut and chocolate are also liked by most of the Belgians.


Belgian Bread Recipe Variants: Ingredients and Method of Preparation

  • Belgian Verviers Bread: This bread gets its famous name from the city of Verviers, Belgium. The actual taste of bread lies in the lumps of sugar added to the dough while kneading. This sugar imparts a sweet as well crispy character to the bread. The bread is served with sweetened butter.

    Active dry yeast, water, milk, butter, granulated sugar, salt, flour, eggs, and sugar cubes are the ingredients required for the preparation of bread. The yeast is dissolved in spoonfuls of water along with sugar. The rest of ingredients are processed individually and combined in required proportions before baking the bread which  can remain fresh for long time if it is kept refrigerated.


  • Belgian Molasses Bread: This sweet bread variant is baked with (lots of) molasses, butter, milk, dry yeast, warm water, wheat flour, and salt. It is served with warm egg salad.


  • Belgian Dark Molasses beer bread: The bread gets its dark brown color from molasses and beer added to it. Self rising flour, salt, sugar, dark molasses, New Belgium 1554 Enlightened Black Ale, rolled oats are required to bake this bread. All ingredients except rolled oats are combined in unique proportions to bake this bread. The bread is served after smearing with honey butter. The bread tastes, salty, sweet, bitter and bold due to its combining ingredients.


  • Belgian Raisin Breakfast Bread: This bread is regularly served for breakfast throughout Belgium. At times it is also served during the mid evening tea breaks and is a miniature version of brioche with little sugar, butter and egg.

    Unbleached all purpose flour, warm milk, dry yeast, egg yolks, unsalted butter, salt, sugar and raisins are required to bake this bread which  is baked like any regular bread and mostly served in thin slices. It makes an excellent choice for toasts and sandwiches.