Arroz Doce

Arroz doce is a rice pudding with a wide range of variations, from the use of no eggs to the use of condensed milk. It is a brown colored (due to ground cinnamon) or yellow colored, thickset pudding mainly comprising of rice and sugar. It is often served after meals (lunch or dinner) to neutralize the Ph of the mouth. It leaves a sweet taste in the mouth and brings a completion to the meal. The crust of Arroz doce is crispy when baked for a few minutes whereas the core is soft and tender with custard like consistency.


Origin of the Traditional Arroz Doce Recipe

The first recipe for the preparation of Arroz doce originated from Portuguese, but today it is relished all over the globe.


Ingredients and Method of Preparing Arroz Doces

The key ingredients in the preparation of Arroz doce are rice, milk, sugar, eggs, cinnamon and salt. The initial step in the process of making the sweet dish is to clean and wash the rice and then finally strain it. The washed rice is cooked with water, salt and a few cinnamon sticks in a skillet over high flame. When the rice is almost done, milk, lemon rind and powdered sugar are added to it and are cooked under lower flame. The content is occasionally stirred with a spatula ensuring that the contents do not stick to the base. The mix is cooked until it gains custard like consistency. The prepared Arroz doce is poured into a large shallow plate and the lemon rinds are removed. Finally the prepared dish is allowed to cool on a wire rack and is served when required. Variations can be brought about in the traditional rice pudding by the addition of other flavors and essence along with cinnamon. The Arroz doce is relished by people of all ages with a sweet tooth but the sweetness can be varied as per ones requirement.


Serving Suggestions as per Arroz Dose Recipe

The prepared sweet dish is often cooled and then, is served in large plates. The traditional way of garnishing the Arroz doce is with the use of finely powdered cinnamon. As per the traditional Arroz doce recipe the cinnamon is usually sprinkled on top of the yellow pudding to give it a beautiful appearance and aroma and most importantly a good flavour. The criss cross pattern is traditionally made with cinnamon, but covering the entire top of the pudding with it is also done. The Arroz doce is served at room temperature but the remnants are stored in the refrigerator. A glass of wine or vodka always goes well with the rice pudding.


Some Health Facts Related to Arroz Doce Recipe

The Portuguese style Arroz doce is a highly nutritional dish, which is rich in several minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, iron and many more. The rice pudding has a high content of carbohydrates (due to rice), cholesterol and proteins (due to milk). Diabetic patients can make use of sucrose instead of cane sugar, as it is not metabolised in the body. Hence, the sweet Arroz doce is a nutritional one and can be enjoyed by people of all places and ages.