Salad Spinners

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Nov. 26, 2013

Wet salad leaves mean undressed salads because the dressing slides off the leaves and into the bottom of the bowl. Unless you wash and dry the leaves, you might as well not use a dressing. One of the best kitchen inventions is the salad spinner. Here's the best way to use one...
Remove the strainer from the spinner.
Place the salad leaves inside the strainer.
Hold the strainer under the cold water tap and wash the leaves to rinse them thoroughly.
Place the strainer back in the spinner bowl and secure the lid.
Activate the spinning motion.
Stop after a couple of spins and drain the water from the bottom of the bowl, then spin again.
Your salad will be free of excess water and ready for dressing!
You can use it for storing freshly washed salad as well.