How To Clean Hot Plate

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Apr. 16, 2011


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Thinking about how to clean hot plate? Here are some wonderful tips and tricks to clean this appliance. This is a really simple appliance to use, electric coils that get heated up and warm the plate over it. However this piece of equipment does get dirty from time to time and needs to be maintained in order to have it working in top condition.  These guidelines should at least make you more knowledgeable about the cleaning task.


Things You Will Need To Clean Hot Plate


Soft Cloth

Paper Towels



Guidelines For Cleaning Hot Plate


Before getting started with the cleaning process unplug your hot plate.  Unplugging the hot plate gets rid of the danger of electrocution from managing a live appliance with wet hands.

To remove spills of thick liquids such as corn soup or solid specks such as meat or vegetable remains, clean the hot plate with a somewhat damp, old toothbrush. Clean the toothbrush as you eliminate particles until it is entirely clean and you are cleaning the coils with just water. Clean spilled fluids with a soft cloth or a sponge.


The coil of the hot plate is fastened to a hinge that allows you to lift the heating surface and clean underneath it. Lift the coil and use a damp cloth or sponge to eliminate any leaks or particles that have accumulated in the frame of the hot plate.


Make sure you dry out the hot plate thoroughly before using it again. Store it in a clean dry area if it is not to be used immediately.


For the longevity of your hot plate you need to take care of it regularly.  Enjoy cleaning hot plate with these great ideas. Hopefully you should have all the things you need at home and nothing extraordinary will be needed to get this appliance as good as new.


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