How To Build a Gas Grill Smoker

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Jul. 19, 2010

Gas grill smoker is the most convenient way of cooking many types of meats, fish and vegetables. Building a gas grill smoker is not a very difficult thing.You can convert your gas grill into the grill smoker. Cooking on a gas grill will results in the tasty and healthy food. It will save your time as well as not very expensive too.Procedure to build a gas grill smoker:"fid":"535045","viewmode":"wysiwyg","fields":"format":"wysiwyg","type":"media","attributes":"alt":"","title":"","style":"border-top-width: 1px border-right-width: 1px border-bottom-width: 1px border-left-width: 1px border-top-style: solid border-right-style: solid border-bottom-style: solid border-left-style: solid border-top-color: 111111 border-right-color: 111111 border-bottom-color: 111111 border-left-color: 111111 width: 200px height: 200px ","class":"media-element file-wysiwyg"For building a gas grill smoker, wood chips need to be soaked in water for atleast an hour. Also you need to identify how many burner zones your gas grill has. Some grills have 2 heat zones, while some have 3-4 heat zones.Follow the given instructions to build a gas grill smoker:Step1. You need to cover the portions of your burners which is exactly below the area you have selected for food with aluminium foil pan.Step2. Put the aluminium foil pans above the area of the burners which will provide the heat for smoking.Step3.Now you can put the soaked wood chips into the pans directly above the burners. Step4. Turn on the burners on medium heat. Do not turn on the burners below the food area. This will help in heating up the wood chips and generating smokes without subjecting the food to direct heat.Close the grill and allow it to heat up to about 285degrees.Step5. Once the grill reaches the desired temperature, open the grill and put the food on the cooking grates. After that close the lid. Now you can smoke your food. Smoking the food depends on the type, size, weight and composition of the foods you have selected.This is how the gas grill smoker is built without having any difficulty. You can always use some flavored wood chips such as walnut, or oak wood chips.Thus you can enjoy grilling the food on your gas grill smoker.