How To Build A Brick BBQ At Home

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Jul. 19, 2010

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Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could build your own brick barbeque at home? Building a grill in your backyard may not be as difficult as your think! Here are the steps you'll need to follow in order to build a grill customized to fit your specific needs: 
Things You'll Need -
You will need bricks, 2 grill racks, cement, masking tape, trowel, a bucket, water, and 30 metal ties.
The Procedure
Step 1: Place one of the grill racks on the ground and border it with a row of bricks, keeping one side open, in a U-shape. Now, use masking tape to measure the perimeter of the bordering bricks. Then, remove the bricks and start mixing the mortar.
Step 2: Take help from the manufacturers guide to mix the cement with water for making mortar. You will need a bucket and a trowel for the process. You will know you are on the right track when the mortar reaches a mud-like consistency.
Step 3: Now, spread the mortar patterning it to a U-shape where you will be laying the bricks. Do this as per the guidelines of the masking tape. Next, keep the bricks over the U-shaped mortar in such a way that it leaves 1/2 inch between each brick to seal that gap with the mortar.
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Step 4: Now, put the metal tie in the center hole of your corner brick along the Us back wall. Then, put the other end of the tie in the next brick placed on the Us side wall. Do the same for the other side. This will strengthen the structure.
Step 5: Next, cover the first layer of bricks with the mortar and on it, lay another row of bricks in the same pattern. Now, stagger this next row by placing a half brick at the ends and using full bricks in the middle. Repeat the same until you have created 7 brick rows.
Step 6: For the eighth row, lay the bricks adjacent to each other lining the side walls of the U. The shelf created will be able to hold the grill racks firmly in place. Now, work up three more rows in a similar fashion and then add another row of side bricks for the second grill rack.
Step 7: Create 2 more rows the same way and let the mortar dry before fitting the grill racks in the slots. While the lower rack is made to keep the coals, the upper rack holds the foods to be grilled.
Image Courtesy: studio-nibble, bluecirclesoutherncement