What Tools Do You Need To Clean A Grill And More / Q And A With Gary / Nov 3, 2016

Grilling questions answered! Thanks everyone for your questions - If you have a outdoor cooking question, simply post it in the comment section and I will answer it on the show.

Jim -

Gary, love your show! Its almost winter and I need to put away my grill for the season, yes I know its against the law in most states :-) My question is: What tools do you use to clean your grill before storing?

Ken C -

Hi Gary , Do you have any merchandise for sale, Aprons, Coffee Mugs, T-Shirts etc. Did some hunting on your website and didnt find anything. Thanks

fralican -

But it doesn't work for huge quantities, right? Like for 100 servings? Isn't it better to base the multiplication on weight in that case?

Pigskin Barbeque -

I got my first tri-tip earlier this year and I trimmed it to 1/8 inch of fat. I did this so I could sear it a bit longer plus I cooked it to 145 degrees. After cooking I removed the remaining fat and it was juicy.