How To Eat Lasagna

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Apr. 01, 2011

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Lasagna is an Italian dish which uses a wide flat pasta and is made up of alternating layers of pasta, cheese, meat and sauce. The dish is typically Italian and there are so many different ways to savor this casserole dish that you can never be sure on how to eat lasagna. Even within Italy, there are many variations of this dish and way of eating also differs owing to regional differences.


Though lasagna is an Italian dish, it has now become very popular in America as well and even parts of Europe. The name has also undergone a transformation in the sense that in Italy it is called lasagne but the Americans prefer to call it lasagna.

It is believed that the name lasagna is derived from the pot which was used for cooking it and the word lasagna itself is Greek meaning a cooking pot.

As with most of the native dishes, there is a traditional version which is quite popular. Now if you are wondering how to eat lasagna in the traditional way, it is to prepare it with ricotta, mozzarella, meat sauce and the trademark flat pasta.

The other ways to eat lasagna is to make it with spinach, which again is very popular among the vegetarians. Eggplant lasagna is also another popular way to make and eat this well liked Italian dish.

Seafood versions of lasagna are also an interesting way to eat this pasta dish. The vegetarians can make use of other vegetables like mushrooms, to prepare lasagna.

Lasagna can be eaten as a side dish as well as a main dish and it can be served both at a formal or informal gathering. If you are planning to eat lasagna as a side dish, you can eat it just like that without any accompaniments.

But if you are wondering how to eat lasagna as a main dish, then just serve it with accompaniments like salad, bread or even soup.

The salads which are usually served with lasagna are Marcella Hazen's argula and fennel salad which neutralizes the cheesy taste of the lasagna and complements the dish perfectly. Antipasto salad is also an option which can be used for serving with lasagna and is very refreshing. Frisée salad also goes well with lasagna and the bitterness of this salad can also balance the lasagnas rich taste.

Lasagna can also be eaten with normal garlic bread or Bruschetta. Both of these breads provide a perfect accompaniment to lasagna when served as a main dish.

Another way to eat Lasagna is to have it with soup. Chicken soup, minestrone soup are some of the soups which you can try eating with lasagna.

 If you are fond of wines, then pairing lasagna and wine can be very beneficial exercise. If you eat lasagna with wine, then the wine will help in taking away the aroma of the garlic used in the lasagna and it will also complement the dish rather than overpowering its flavor. Light wines like blush rose or white wines go well with lasagna and also Chianti is a good option for pairing with lasagna.

So how to eat lasagna is no longer a mystery and you can pick and choose whichever way you want to savor this delectable dish.

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