Porto Flip

Porto Flip is an alcohol based cocktail containing a combination of brandy and red colored port. An egg yolk is added to the traditional Porto Flip cocktail generally and the entire drink is served straight up with a garnishing of nutmeg powder.

The common method of preparing the Porto Flip is to shake all the ingredients vigorously together with ice and pour into the conventional cocktail glasses before serving it with a pinch of nutmeg powder. A few variations of the Porto Flip include additional ingredients like cream and granulated sugar as well.

The beverage is one of the sanctioned official cocktails included in the International Bartenders Association (IBA) list.


History Of The Porto Flip Cocktail

The Porto Flip is considered to be a classic cocktail that can be traced back to the 19th century. It was originally prepared by mixing rum, beer and sugar and the concoction was heated with a hot iron rod which imparted the cocktail with froth. The word flip means froth and porto was used to describe a wine in the 19th century.

The 1862 book called, ‘How to Mix Wines’ by Jerry Thomas was the first to feature the recipe of this cocktail. It was also the first recipe of the Porto Flip that recommended using eggs as one of the ingredients.

The distinction between the flip and eggnog were included in the American Bar Guide later on.


Ingredients And Popular Porto Flip Cocktail Recipes

The IBA recommends using 15ml of brandy and 45ml of red port wine along with 10ml egg yolks for preparing the Porto Flip. The Association also recommends shaking the ingredients thoroughly with ice and serving it chilled.


Variations Of Porto Flip Recipe

·         Baker’s Recipe- Includes cream, cognac, Chartreuse and sugar in addition to the usual ingredients.

·         Thomas’ Recipe- Does not include brandy and uses the entire egg instead of the egg yolk.

·         Sweet Version- Two tablespoons of cane sugar is added to sweeten the cocktail.

·         Porto Chocolat- Includes Yellow Izarra and a tablespoon of cold chocolate milk.

·         Prairie Oyster- Sherry is used instead of brandy along with Worcester sauce and ketchup. It is consumed straight up without shaking the ingredients.


Porto Flip Drink: Trivia

Porto Flip is considered to be a digestif or a drink that aids digestion.