Chocolate Martini

Chocolate martini (Chocolatini) is a classic American cocktail, which is fondly consumed as a dessert drink. This mixed drink, essentially, comprises a non-alcoholic chocolate beverage which is mixed with alcoholic beverage(s). The non-alcoholic chocolate beverage may be chocolate syrup or chocolate milk, which is mixed with alcoholic beverages, such as chocolate vodka, chocolate liqueur (often crème de cacao) or simply vodka.  A quick version of the drink can be fixed using chocolate martini mix (a ready to use mixture of the essential ingredients of this martini).  The drink is often considered apt for consumption in a romantic mood, and has therefore, become popular as a Valentine drink and is preferred by many to champagne and wine for the occasion. Generally considered a fun drink, this brown-colored sweet beverage is served in bars and restaurants, apart from social gatherings.


Though conventionally, an alcoholic component is a mandatory element of any martini, some people prefer to have the non-alcoholic version of this gourmet chocolate drink, which they prefer to label as ‘virgin chocolate martini’ which means ‘chocolate martini in the pure form’.



History of Chocolatini

Chocolate martini was invented in 1955 in America. A recent invention in comparison to other martinis, it was created by none other than the legendary film stars of Hollywood, Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor when they happened to come together during the making of the film Giant in Marfa, Texas. Both were great friends and lovers of chocolate drinks and martinis. Incidentally, one evening, they created the chocolate martini by mixing chocolate syrup and chocolate liqueur, with vodka martini. The incredibly tasty drink attained high popularity in America.



Preparation Overview of Chocolatini

The original chocolate martini recipe created by Hudson and Taylor used Hershey’s syrup, Kahlua and vodka. Since then, the drink was concocted with various other ingredients, which included different types of chocolate syrups and vodka martinis.

All the ingredients are shaken in a shaker with ice cubes and served in martini glasses. Ice cubes or crushed ice is first put in the shaker and the liquid ingredients are poured in one by one and shaken. The creamy sweet mixture, thus obtained, is garnished with grated chocolate. The rim of the serving glass is coated with powdered cocoa, chocolate slivers or chocolate syrup and chilled before pouring the contents of the shaker into it.

The modern recipes for the chocolate martini recommend the preparation of the beverage with crème de cacao, chocolate liqueur, Irish cream and Vanilla liqueur. Godiva’s Chocolate Liqueur and Bailey’s Irish Cream are popular choices for the modern versions of the drink. 

In general, a number of recipes for the drink have been invented as per the taste preferences of the consumers. A few popular variations are discussed in the popular chocolate martini recipe variations section below.


Popular Chocolate Martini Recipe Variations

  • Chocolate Martini Mix Variation- this recipe of the chocolate martini is prepared with a pre-made mix called a chocolate martini mix which is available commercially. This mix is shaken with vodka and coffee liqueur, with ice cubes for the preparation of the drink. Chocolate shavings are used as a garnish.


  • Godiva Chocolate Martini- Flavored with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, this martini which is made using vanilla vodka, crème de cacao, and half and half( an ingredient which contains equal quantities of milk and cream) as the other ingredients, is one of the most popular varieties of Chocolate Martini in the USA.


  • Bailey’s Chocolatini- The drink is prepared using Bailey’s Irish crème in combination with vodka and chocolate liqueur. Chocolate shavings are used as a garnish.


  • Non- alcoholic chocolate martini- This can be made without using vodka or any alcohol-based ingredient, in more than one way. According to one recipe, chocolate sauce or melted chocolate is mixed with non-alcoholic champagne which may also be substituted with sparkling apple juice. Half and half is used to impart a creamy texture. A variant of the recipe calls for mixing the melted chocolate or chocolate sauce with coconut cream, and fizzing soda pop or Sprite. Vanilla, orange and almond flavoring can be added to the martini by including the respective flavoring agents in the preparation. The method of preparation of the non-alcoholic chocolate martini is the same as that of the conventional alcoholic versions.


Serving Chocolatini

Chocolate martini can be served as a dessert drink in a chilled and chocolate-rimmed martini glass.  The beverage can be enjoyed independently or as an accompaniment to appetizers. Non-sweet appetizers are served with this drink as they complement the sweet taste of the martini well. Some suggestions for such appetizers would be pop corn, and crisp and cheesy wontons. Chocolate bars and chocolate martini partner well and they make a perfect dessert combination.


Chocolatini Nutrition Facts

A standard preparation of chocolate martini is expected to contain 53.5 % carbohydrates, 24.8 % fat and 21. 8 %  protein.



According to Elizabeth Taylor, the chocolate Martini is the best chocolate drink that she ever tasted. It helped her and Rock Hudson survive the stress of shooting in Marfa, a hot, humid and dusty place.


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