Between The Sheets

Between the Sheets Drink is a popular cocktail. It is also referred to as 'Maiden's Prayer' and has often been considered a complex preparation. The drink is also widely considered the ancestor of more modern cocktails, particularly Screaming Orgasm and Silk Panties. The Between the Sheets is largely regarded as one of the smoothest drinks around.


Origin of Maiden's Prayer

Although the exact origin is disputed, it is widely believed that the cocktail made its first appearance in Harry's New York Bar in Paris during the 1930s. Harry MacElhone is credited with the invention of the drink which seemed to have been a version of the Side-car. Some sources, however, insist that the cocktail was invented by the manager of the Berkeley Hotel in London, Mr. Polly, in 1921.


Ingredients and Method of Preparation: Between the Sheets Recipe

Measures of White Rum, Triple Sec, Brandy and Lemon Juice are the main ingredients used in Between the Sheets. No garnishing are used generally, but a lemon twist might be used at times. Between the Sheets is prepared by putting all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and shaking them together till everything is mixed well.


Serving Between the Sheets Cocktail

The cocktail is served in a Martini Glass or a Cocktail Glass. Garnishing is generally not added but some people prefer a lemon twist.


Variations in Between the Sheets Drink Recipe

While Between the Sheets drink is generally prepared the standard way, people who prefer a softer version use French brandy or Spanish Brandy as a substitute for regular Brandy.