8 Means To Get Over That Hangover

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Jan. 03, 2011

It doesnt sound a good prospect to get up groggy on a Monday morning when you have to be speeding to work. The weekend spirit, with partying , boozing and well, letting loose the party animal can make you get a hangover, so here are 8 means to get over that hangover and rub your eyes with a sprightly Rise and Shine attitude."fid":"540902","viewmode":"wysiwyg","fields":"format":"wysiwyg","type":"media","attributes":"alt":"","title":"Means to get rid of hangover - Bristle up for some activity","style":"border-style: solid border-width: 1px margin: 1px width: 495px height: 377px","class":"media-element file-wysiwyg"
Remember that hangovers need not sink you down, because with a right combination of exercise, food and water, you can easily jumpstart your daily routine without being bogged down with repentance(for getting sozzled up).
Lets look into as to what causes a hangover so our counter-attack solutions will help you understand as to how to get rid of it.
Alcohol drinks are essentially diuretics making you urinate often. What happens in the process is that the body gets drained of its fluids, depleting the levels of crucial salts such as potassium, and magnesium(salts are important for mental-alertness). Additionally, the toxins associated with alcohol consumption also stay in the body for a longer time. All these factors manifest into a hangover associated with grogginess, drowsiness and in general, lack of alertness. Here are a few tips to get rid of hangover:    Eat fat, salt and spice : Eat something that is rich in salt, spice and is fatty, like burgers, or any dish from the Mexican and Indian cuisine and spicy Chinese dishes, while taking in the drink. Compared to carbohydrates, fats are handy and efficient in preventing the body from absorbing alcohol. Lesser the absorption, lesser will be the hangover.
    The less-hangover alcohols : Of the alcohol varieties, the darker and sweeter ones  such as sherry, brandy, whiskey and red wine can cause a greater hangover compared to white wines and vodka. The dark alcohols have more of complex organic molecules like methanol, which can cause a greater drain-out factor. Unrefined spirits can also aggravate the condition.
    Bloody Mary : Bloody Mary has been a traditional cure for hangovers. This popular cocktail made of vodka, tomato juice spiced up with flavorings such as worcestshire sauce,  Tabasco sauce, celery, olive oil, black pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and celery sauce, works in a jiffy to help you get rid of the hangover.
    A nil-alcohol mix(The Prairie oyster hangover cure) : You could call this a derivative of Bloody Mary as a non-alcoholic base made of raw egg yolk, olive oil, tomato sauce worcestshire and Tabasco sauce, lime juice(vinegar) can really buck up your system and, values itself as a get rid of hangover tip. Here the crux lies in the  egg-yolks, which are enriched with NAC- an amino acid, which can flush out alcohol-based toxins out of your system, and tomato sauce fortified with biflavonoids can boost your immune system functioning.
    A good nights rest :  Sleep over the whole affair might not only be a saying for your worries but also when you want to get rid of the hangover. A good nights rest will help a good deal in bringing back your bodys metabolic rate to normal and also help you feel more sober.
    Bananas : If you can ingest bananas to get over with the hangover then there is nothing like it because bananas are an instant source of energy and can also stabilize the blood sugar levels real fast(alcohol consumption lowers blood sugars as well). A sweetened banana milkshake is ideal.
    Drink in water, to the gallons  : Water is a natural healer and as an assuaging agent, and a detoxifier taking in huge quantities of water can help your body flush out the toxins easily, helping you back to normalcy more quickly.
    Vitamin C : Vitamin C as a cure for hangover is a highlight because of its ability to mobilize the liver to breakdown alcohol. However, care should be taken as excess of vitamin C can also lead to diarrhea, so depending upon your bowel tolerance levels, correct dosage should be taken.
So, the next time, your head is buried under the pillow, refusing to rise and shine (still reeling under the dizzying partying heights) just peep through the mists to see the golden sun rising from our 8 Means To Get Over That Hangover.
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