How To Make The Caipiroska -Caipivodka Cocktail

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Sep. 29, 2017

Let's learn how to make the Caipiroska also known as the Caipivodka cocktail recipe. We're going to show you how to make this beautiful at home, it's a simple vodka drink! The Caipivodka or Caipiroska is a name derived from the popular Brazilian cocktail known as the Caipirinha. But, instead of using Cachaca in the Caipirinha we are bringing vodka into the mix for our Caipivodka (hence the name). Why change to the Caipiroska cocktail recipe over the traditional Caipirinha? Because it's easily accessible for those that can't get (or don't want to buy) cachaca. The US brands of cachaca could be ... better? But we've got plenty of vodka at hand to make a pile of Caipiroska cocktails. It's also cheaper and easier to access around the world even Brazil has had an influx of Caipiroska requests instead of the traditional cocktail recipe design. Go make yourself a Caipiroska, it's an easy vodka cocktail that won't require too much time but brings plenty of summer time citrus lime flavor.


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Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Servings: 1