How To Make The Vodka Collins / Easy Vodka Cocktails - Craft Cocktail

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Sep. 22, 2017

Today let's learn how to make the vodka collins, an easy vodka cocktail for those that are looking for simple drinks and have a bottle of vodka handy. Making simple vodka drinks at home is easy when you wanna whip out your vodka collins! This simple vodka cocktail is a refreshing spring-in-your step vodka drink that pairs vodka with bubbly soda and a bit of "sour mix" bringing sugar and lemon together. The vodka collins recipe is a straight rip-off of a gin collins, which no doubt was invented before the vodka collins here in the United States as gin was in the country far before Vodka made its trendy appearance. The Gin Collins (or "Collins") is typically called a John Collins and a Tom Collins has old tom gin in it while the most generic tame version would be this simple vodka collins. Sure, it arrives in a collins glass, sure it's simple, but it's great for the non-creative "I just want a drink" that gives you the alcoholic-lemonade like appeal.


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Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Servings: 1