Sugarcane Mojito / How To Make A Mojito

After sipping in this refreshing summer cooler, Sugarcane Mojito...your heart will go 'Ganna Mereya!'


Sugarcane pieces 8 (About 1 inch Cubes)
Mint leaves 1 Tablespoon
Sugarcane juice 100 Milliliter
Mango To Taste (or any seasonal fruit)
Soda 100 Milliliter
Sugarcane sticks To Taste (cut into four in length)



1. In a tall glass add sugar cane cubes, mint and a little of sugar cane juice.

2. Use a muddler or sugarcane stick to muddle the ingredients for a minute.

3. Add ice cubes and mango pieces.

4. Top with sugarcane juice and soda.


5. Garnish with sugar cane stick and mint leaves.Enjoy!

Recipe Summary