Aam Pana - Roasted Smoky Aam Panna - Pora Aamer Sharbat - Raw Mango Drink

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Apr. 04, 2017

Aam Pana, Roasted AAM Pana , Smoky AAM Panha, Pora Aamer Sharbat, Raw Mango Drink FOR SUMMER. Aam panha is a refreshing drink in summer and is a great remedy for heat stroke and dehydration. This mango drink has intense smoky flavor because it's done by roasting the mango.


Mango 2
Roasted cumin 1 Teaspoon
Black salt 1 Teaspoon
Pepper 1 Teaspoon
Mint leaves 10
Sugar 8 Tablespoon ((use as required))
Ice cubes 8
Water 1/2 Liter


Please watch video for directions.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Servings: 2