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Apr. 03, 2017

LEARN how to make delicious and healthy watermelon smoothies from your home.

The refreshing watermelon smoothie! For all the people out there who are keeping a check on their weight, this drink is apt for any season and is low in calories. This smoothie serves as a filling meal for breakfast and on the other hand is light on the stomach as well! All the weight watchers, this is the fruit for you.

Smoothies are a great way to kick start your day! Especially a watermelon smoothie would be a good choice. You can even make your own concoctions by adding another fruit of your own choice to give your smoothie that punch!

With summers round the corner, all you need is a cool glass of fresh watermelon smoothie and voila, your day is made! This lovely melon keeps you hydrated throughout the day. Every slice of watermelon has Vitamin A, B6 and Vitamin C in it. It is also rich in antioxidants that protect your body from bad toxins. This is one fruit that is enjoyed by a majority of people all around the world.

Did you know that watermelons contain nearly 92 of water? This surely is an interesting fact! This juicy fruit helps you to combat the heat and keeps you hydrated throughout the day. The watermelon is rich in Vitamin C that prevents asthma. This fruit which is filled with fiber boosts the digestive system and prevents constipation. People suffering from muscle soreness get relief by consuming watermelon juice. Your skin too is benefited with watermelon since this fruit contains vitamin A in it which is good for the skin.

Let us have a look at of some of the benefits of this delicious fruit listed below:

1. Controls Asthma: watermelons can help those suffering from asthma. Eating these melons on a regular basis reduces the asthmatic attacks due to the Vitamin C present in them.

2. Good digestion: Water melons improve your digestion, did you know that? Well, its true! The rich fiber content in this fruit does not allow you to be constipated and instigates bowel movements.

3. Hydrates the system: Watermelons are known to be the best fruits when it comes to hydrating the body. It contains nearly 92 of water which is perfect to keep you well hydrated especially in summers. It also contains electrolytes that are essential for the body.

4. Skin health: Watermelons are good for your skin too. This is because it contains an essential vitamin called Vitamin A which is required for sebum production. A glowing skin can be acquired by eating watermelons on a regular basis.

5. Muscle pain: did you know that watermelons also reduce any kind of soreness in the muscles? It sounds interesting doesnt it? It is believed that the acid known as Cituline present in watermelons help in reducing muscle soreness.


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