1930 Scotch Marmalade Seville Orange Marmalade Recipe

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Jan. 13, 2021

1930 Scotch Marmalade Seville Orange Marmalade Recipe Welcome Friends! Welcome back to the kitchen for Sunday morning and the old cook book show. Today's recipe is all about these bitter Seville oranges, I bought them and I was going to make my grandmother's Seville orange marmalade recipe because I really like orange marmalade. But I thought let's check out what marmalade recipes are in some of the old cookbooks? So I went through the old cookbooks and there's so many orange marmalade recipes!


Seville oranges 9
Sweet oranges 3
Lemons 2
Imperial quarts water 4
Imperial pint water 1
Sugar 7 Pound
Wineglass scotch 1



1. Thinly slice fruit across the grain, removing and saving the seeds.

2. Place the fruit in a stainless steel pot with 4 quarts water.

3. Place the seeds in a small pot with 1 pint of water; bring to a boil and cook 20 minutes.

4. Strain the seed liquid into the fruit pot, cover and set aside for 36 hours.

5. Boil the fruit kettle partially uncovered for 2 hours; until peels have softened.

6. Add the sugar, continue boiling and stirring often for another hour-ish.

7. Stir and boil until the set-point is reached; 220ºF.

8. Stir in 1 wineglass of whisky before removing from the heat.

9. Divide into canning or freezer containers and preserve by freezing or hot water bath.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Cook Time: 180 Minutes
Ready In: 180 Minutes
Servings: 4