Date And Tamarind Chutney

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Aug. 18, 2020

This Date Tamarind Chutney is good for many recipes like Pani Puri and several other Chaat recipes. It can also be served alongside many snacks and added to curries!


Pitted dates 9 Ounce (about 250 gms)
Tamarind pulp 9 Ounce (about 250 gms, seedless)
Cumin seeds 1 Teaspoon
Fennel seeds 1 Teaspoon
Water 4 Cup (64 tbs) , divided (in total)
Jaggery 2 Tablespoon
Ginger powder 1 Teaspoon
Red chilli powder 1 Teaspoon
Black salt 1 Teaspoon



1. Cut the dates into small pieces.

2. Toast the cumin and fennel seeds together, then cool and then grind to a powder.

3. Heat the water and add the dates and the tamarind.

4. Add the jaggery, followed by the cumin and fennel powder and the ginger, chilli and black salt and stir well.

5. Cook covered for 20 - 30 mins stirring frequently.

6. Cool and pour into a food processor with some water and grind till smooth.

7. Strain this using a sieve - collect the solids, return to the processor with more water and repeat the process.


8. Serve and enjoy!

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Cook Time: 30 Minutes
Ready In: 30 Minutes