Multigrain Bread

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Sep. 17, 2019

Nothing can beat the flavour, texture and aroma of warm, freshly-baked bread. It is this irresistible appeal that motivates food lovers to bake their own bread at home. Now, here is a Multigrain Bread recipe that will beat all other breads hands-down, with its rustic flavour and homely aroma. Made of whole wheat flour, millet flours, oats and assorted seeds, this Multigrain Bread loaf is further topped with mixed millets flour and flax seeds just before baking to deepen the aroma and flavour. This Multigrain Bread recipe does not use any plain flour. Load slices of this Homemade Multigrain Bread with veggies to make a sumptuous healthy sandwich, or toast it with butter. At home, we use Homemade Multigrain Bread for a healthy quick breakfast. For a quick breakfast you can top it with healthy Homemade Almond Butter or Homemade Peanut Butter. Making Homemade Multigrain Bread or any bread is an art and you can master it with practise and patience. Trust me, when you get this fool proof Multigrain Bread recipe correct, its worth the effort. Try it today!


For multigrain bread:
Whole wheat flour 2 Cup (32 tbs) (((gehun ka atta)))
Ragi flour 1/4 Cup (4 tbs) (((nachni / red millet)))
Jowar flour 1/4 Cup (4 tbs) (((white millet)))
Bajra flour 1/4 Cup (4 tbs) (((black millet)))
Flaxseed powder 1 Tablespoon (((alsi)))
White sesame seeds 1 Teaspoon (((til)))
Melon seeds 1 Teaspoon (((charmagaz)))
Quick cooking rolled oats 1 Teaspoon
Gluten 1/4 Teaspoon , powdered
Calcium propagate powder 1 Pinch
Salt 1 Teaspoon
Instant dry yeast 1 Tablespoon
Castor sugar 1 Tablespoon
Oil 1 1/2 Teaspoon (((for greasing and brushing)))
For topping:
Whole ragi grain 1/2 Teaspoon (((nachni / red millet)))
Bajra 1/2 Teaspoon (((black millet)))
Quick cooking rolled oats 1 Teaspoon
Flax seeds 1/2 Teaspoon (((alsi)))



1. Pre heat your oven to 210°C (420°F).

2. To make multigrain bread, combine the dry yeast, castor sugar and ¼ cup of warm water in a bowl and mix well. Cover it with a lid and keep aside for 10 minutes.

3. Combine all the remaining ingredients along with the yeast-sugar mixture in a deep bowl, mix well and knead into a loose sticky dough using approx. 1½ cups of warm water.

4. Place the dough in a greased bread loaf tin of 200 mm. (8”). Wet your fingers with little water and press the dough lightly to spread it evenly.

5. Sprinkle the prepared topping evenly over it and press it gently so that the seeds stick to the dough.

6. 5. Cover it with a damp muslin cloth and keep aside in a warm place for 30 minutes.


7. Bake it in a pre-heated oven at 210°C (420°F) for 20 minutes.

8. Lower the temperature to 160°C (320°F) and bake it for 10 minutes. Keep aside to cool slightly.

9. Once the bread loaf has cooled slightly, de-mould it and cut it into 16 slices of 13 mm. (½“) each using a serrated knife.


10. Serve the multigrain bread or store in an air tight container. It stays fresh at room temperature for 2 days.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Cook Time: 35 Minutes
Ready In: 35 Minutes
Servings: 8