Coffee Crisp No Churn Ice Cream

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Jun. 01, 2018

Are you looking for No Churn Ice Cream Recipes? Then this tasty recipe for no-churn coffee crisp ice cream is for you. Not sure what Coffee Crisp is? Come on up to Canada and we'll show you! Or you could use... Nope you need Coffee Crisp.


Cream 3 Cup (48 tbs) ((35%, about 750 ml))
Canned condensed milk 10 Ounce ((1 can))
Coffee bean crisps 2
Coffee liqueur 2 Tablespoon ((About 30 ml))



1.Chop up the Coffee Crisp bars.

2.Whip cream until stiff peaks form.

3.Fold in condensed milk until fully combined, then fold in coffee liquor.

4.Fold in the of the Coffee Crisp pieces.

5.Transfer to a 9"-x-5 pan and top with remaining Coffee Crisp pieces.

6.Freeze until firm, at least 5 hours.


7.Let soften 10 minutes before serving.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Medium
Servings: 8