How To Make A Basic Sauerkraut

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Feb. 27, 2018

We can already hear you typing your comments that this isnt Sauerkraut This isnt how your Grandmother made Sauerkraut There are waaaaay better recipes for Sauerkraut
This video and recipe are all about the fundamentals of how to make Sauerkraut. From this starting point you can branch out and add lots of different flavour combinations. But before you can make a recipe your own, before you can make a kick ass Sauerkraut, you need to learn the method, you need to lear the process, you need to know the why and the how.
Thats what this video is all about.


Cabbage 1 Kilogram
Salt 20 Gram



1.Remove and save the outer leaves of the cabbage.

2.Quarter the cabbage and cut out the cores - sometimes we cut them out, sometimes we dont.

3.Slice or shred the cabbage with a knife or a mandoline.

4.As youre slicing, place the sliced cabbage in a bowl and sprinkle on some of the salt.

5.Continue slicing and sprinkling until entire cabbage is shredded, and all salt is used.

6.Massage and squeeze cabbage salt mixture to break down the cell walls and release the trapped water.This could take 15-20 minutes.

7.Pack the cabbage into a glass or ceramic container - we used a 1.5L lab beaker, but a 2L mason jar works great.

8.Make sure you pack it down tightly and release any trapped air.

9.Pour in any brine left in the bowl.

10.Make sure that the cabbage is submerged below the level of the brine.

11.Place one or two layers of the outer cabbage leaves on top, and then weigh those down with something clean and non-reactive. (glass or stone)

12.Ensure that the cabbage is below the brine, and then cover with a lid or cloth - make sure that CO2 can escape but flies cant get in.

13.Allow to ferment out of direct sunlight for 5 days to 6 months 14.Taste often to check when its done to your liking.

15.The kraut can then be moved to the fridge for storage.


16.Use or serve when required.


Not enough brine? Mix up a 2% salt / water solution and pour overtop.

Cabbage bigger or smaller than 1Kg? Salt amount is between 2% and 2.5% of the weight of the cabbage.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Servings: 10