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Dec. 18, 2017

Indigestion which is also known dyspepsia refers to an upset stomach. This condition is characterized by a discomfort in the upper abdomen during or after eating food.


Symptoms to look for:

Abdominal pain, bloating, belching, heartburn



Excessive stress, overeating, eating rapidly
Consuming spicy or fatty foods
Excessive alcohol drinking smoking


Food groups to consume during indigestion:

1. Fibre: Breaks down proteins hard-to-digest carbohydrates

Foods to consume: Oats, millets, brown rice and fruits like papaya and pineapple

2. Omega 3: Rich in antioxidants and reduces inflammation of stomach lining

Foods to consume: Flax seeds, soybean, spinach, walnuts and fish such as tuna, mackerels, trout, and salmon

3. Pumpkin sweet potatoes: Soothes inflamed tissues in gastrointestinal tract

4. Liquids: Produces digestive juices that aids digestion

Foods to consume: Coconut water, fruit juices, and lemon juice

5. Probiotics: Helps proper digestion and builds healthy bacteria in the gut

Foods to consume: Yogurt

Recipe: Papaya soup

1. Take 1 tsp oil in a vessel
2. Sauté 1 small chopped onion, small papaya pieces, and inch piece of ginger for 5-8 minutes
3. Allow it to cool
4. Blend them all in a blender
5. Transfer this mixture to a pan
6. Now add 1 cup of vegetable stock and boil it well
7. Pour it into a soup bowl
8. Add salt and pepper to taste and serve
9. Serve hot



Eat small meals at regular intervals
Chew food properly
Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol caffeine

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