How To Prepare PINEAPPLE DETOX DRINK And It's Benefits

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Apr. 03, 2017

LEARN how to prepare PINEAPPLE DETOX WATER mixed with mango and apple.

The sweet and sour pineapple is one such fruit that is loved by one and all! This low calorie fruit can help all those women out there who want to lose some extra pounds. The important enzyme present in this delicious fruit named Bromelain helps in burning fat in the body which in turn flushes out the bad toxins too.

Pineapples have many healing qualities and one of them is that it promotes good flow of blood in the body and avoids thickening of it due to proteins. A lesser known fact about this beneficial fruit is that is kills cancer cells and boosts your immune system making you stronger from within.

Let us look at a simple pineapple detox recipe listed below that will help you maintain good health:
This wonderful pineapple detox drink will definitely make you feel more energetic and healthy by the day!


Mango 1
Pineapple 1 Medium
Kiwis 4


Please watch the video for directions!

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Servings: 1