Betty's Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes -- by Breville

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Jul. 30, 2013

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make OREO CHEESECAKE CUPCAKES using the Breville Sous Chef Food Processor recipe by Breville.


Oreo cookie 58 (1 ½ packages)
Butter 226 Gram , cubed (2 sticks)
Cream cheese 16 Ounce , cubed (2 x 8oz packages)
Sugar 1 Cup (16 tbs)
Pure vanilla extract 1 Teaspoon
Eggs 4 Large
Heavy whipping cream 1/2 Cup (8 tbs) (125 ml)
Sea salt 1 Pinch



1. Preheat Oven to 275 degree F or 135 degree C.

2. Line cupcake pan with liner and set aside.


3. In food processor, place Oreo cookies and process until fine crumb.

4. Remove 1 ⁄3 of the crumb and reserve for later use and add cubed butter into the processor with the remaining crumb. Blend just until the mixture reaches dough consistency.

5. Into lined cupcake pan, spoon about 1 tablespoon of Oreo dough into the bottom. Press to cover the bottom making 1/4-inch thick layer. Refrigerate while mixing other ingredients.

6. In mixer, combine cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract and 2 tablespoon of reserved Oreo cookie crumbs. Blend until smooth.

7. Reduce mixer speed and add heavy whipping cream, and pinch of salt. Add egg a little at a time and mix just until incorporated. Try not to over mix the batter.

8. Remove crusts from refrigerator and fill each cupcake with cream batter almost to the top.

9. Pop pan in oven and bake for 20-22 minutes or until center is slight jiggle, rotating pan once about half way through.

10. Turn off, open oven door and allow cupcakes to cool. Remove from oven and sprinkle remaining crumbs on top. Then refrigerate for at least 3 hours before serving.


11. Serve and enjoy!

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Medium
Servings: 24