Celebrating Mango Season Aamras Festival Gujarati Thali Vaal ni Dar

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Aug. 03, 2021

The arrival of juicy mangoes in April and May provides a tonic to Florida India's searing summer temperatures. I am so fortunate enough to celebrate mango season here in Florida just like how I used to celebrate in India. And as mango season starts, there are few must make food to go with mango pulp. Some examples are, Aamras Puri, Ras Dhokla, and I particularly love with Fangavela mag Rotli, sometimes Bhinda or Karela Sabji with Roti Mango pulp. The list can go on and on but to summarize it, I would say, serve with either roti or puri, any of your favorite sabji like tinder, kankoda, Bhinda or make some dhokla to go with Aamras (Mango pulp)


Please watch the video for ingredients.


Please watch the video for directions.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Medium
Servings: 4