DIY Squozen Cola Recipe Nailed It

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Nov. 21, 2019

We've been working hard to refine our squozen cola recipe - a riff on a coca cola recipe from 1886. After trying a bunch of different recipes and variations we stumbled on the open cola recipe, and the cube cola recipe - both of which are close to the Pemberton 1886 coca cola formula in flavour. We've used the basic method, and tweaked the ingredients.


Flavour emulsion:
Orange oil 7 1/2 Milliliter
Lime oil 7 1/2 Milliliter
Lemon oil 2 Milliliter
Cassia oil 4/5 Milliliter
Nutmeg oil 1 1/2 Milliliter
Coriander oil 1/2 Milliliter
Lavender oil 1/2 Milliliter
Neroli oil 1/2 Milliliter
Gum arabic 20 Gram
Water 40 Milliliter
For cola concentrate:
Double strength caramel colouring 200 Milliliter
Citric acid 65 Milliliter
Water 100 Milliliter
Vanilla extract 22 Milliliter
Kola extract 5 Milliliter (depending on your caffeine tolerance)
Flavour emulsion To Taste (from above)
The cola syrup:
Water 800 Milliliter
Sugar 1 1/2 Kilogram
Cola concentrate 32 Milliliter (depending on your taste)



For Flavour emulsion:

1. Measure out the oils into a small glass container.

2. In a high sides glass mixing jug, whisk together the gum arabic and the water.

3. While whisking the gum mixture at high speed, slowly dribble in the oils mixture.

4. Whisk at high speed for 15-20 minutes, or until oils and water emulsify.

5. No oils should be visible on the surface.

For Cola Concentrate:

6. Add the caramel colouring to a medium glass flask.

7. In another glass container stir the citric acid into the water and mix until clear.

8. Add the citric acid water to the caramel.

9. Mix in the Vanilla and the Kola extract.

10. Whisk in the flavour emulsion.

11. This is the cola concentrate, which will make 90L of cola.

The Cola Syrup:

12. Dissolve the sugar in the water over low heat.

13. This will take a while, stir and be patient.

14. Continue stirring until the syrup is clear, remove from the heat and allow to cool to room temp.

15. Stir in the cola concentrate.

16.This cola syrup will make 14L of cola.

For Mixing Cola And Serving:

17. The cola is a 7:1 mix.

18. 1 part cola syrup to 7 parts carbonated water.

19. You can mix by the glass, or in a corny keg.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Bit Difficult
Servings: 10