Masala Fries Recipe How to Make Masala Fries in 3 Ways

Just when your love for potatoes weighs more than your weight, make way for some Masala Fries 3 ways! Be it cricket or football matches, kitty or pajama parties, group studies, evening snack etc. This crackling snack is here to stay!


Please watch the video for ingredients.



1. Cut one potato for french fries

2. Slice the second potato into thin slices

3. Cut the third potato into wedges

4. Deep fry the cut potatoes one at a time until they turn golden in colour.

5. Rest on tissue paper for excess oil to be soaked.

6. Make a masala mix using crushed dried curry leaves, red chilli powder, garam masala, dry mango powder (amchur) and black salt.


7. Finally toss the fried potatoes in the masala mix and serve hot!

Recipe Summary