Make Whipped Cream from Chickpeas - Only 2 Ingredients Aquafaba - Eggless Recipes Series

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Oct. 13, 2015

Whipped Cream or Whipping Cream is a thing that is not easily available in India.. Many people opt for a Vegan Lifestyle in that case as well, using dairy whipping cream is not possible. No more worries, AquaFaba is here. How to make Whipped Cream from Chickpeas(or as we call here in India - Chola), super easy, simple and is vegan!

Second issue we face is making egg-free recipes.. Worry not, there's a new revolutionary(Sounds like a marketing gig but not at all, it's true keep reading) egg replacer in your own kitchen that not only replaces eggs very well in normal recipes but whips very well to make meringues, macaroons, and many more recipes..


Aquafaba 4 Tablespoon
Powder sugar 4 Tablespoon



Soak 3 cups chickpeas in 8 cups of water for a minimum of 8 hours.

Pressure-cook the chickpeas with 4 cups of fresh water. Cover and Cook on medium – high flame for 8 whistles, then 20-25 minutes in medium-low flame.

Strain the water from the chickpeas and let it sit undisturbed.

The water collected below is the aquafaba.



For 1 1/4 Cups Whipped Cream Substitute – In a shallow bowl, add 4 tbsp. aquafaba.

Add powdered sugar. Using a stand mixer, start whipping it. Start slowly, and increase speed very slowly. It will take 10-12 minutes to start getting stiff peaks using this method.

Use the whipped creams as you like, over the cakes or cupcakes.



Serve and enjoy.



There is no over whip thing. This can be whipped for more time if its not getting whipped.

Highly recommended to use a machine to whip it.

Keeping Cooker for Minimum 2 hrs. - Max 5 hrs. Make sure you do not exceed 5 hours, actually just drain it out at 3 hrs. Because keeping it for long will result in the chickpeas soaking the liquid and the aquafaba thickening then and there while the chickpeas soak. It's going to be messy. 

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Servings: 4