Sour Cream

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Sep. 16, 2014

If you want to make Mexican food at home, then you need to surely make some Sour Cream first, because it is so commonly used as a dressing for dishes like burritos, nachos and quesadillas. It is also a great addition to salads, whether you mix it in, or add more stuff to use as a dressing. The best part is that Sour Cream is so easy to make...


Fresh cream 3/4 Cup (12 tbs)
Lemon juice 1 1/2 Tablespoon
Salt and ground black pepper To Taste



1. In a deep bowl, combine fresh cream, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Whisk well and refrigerate for 3-4 hours or until thick.



2. Use as desired.


Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Very Easy
Servings: 6

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 107Calories from Fat 11

 % Daily Value*

Total Fat 1 g1.5%

Saturated Fat 1 g5%

Trans Fat 0 g


Sodium 106 mg4.42%

Total Carbohydrates 23 g7.7%

Dietary Fiber %

Sugars 10 g

Protein 1 g2%

Vitamin A % Vitamin C %

Calcium % Iron %

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet