Coriander Crusted Salmon Recipe

Coriander Crusted Salmon with a cucumber tomato chutney video recipe from the book Modern Indian Cooking (2007 silver back books 1st edition ).

Reviewers Note "Chef Hari Nayak teaches you how to prepare a quick and easy to make coriander crusted salmon with cucumber cilantro relish in this recipe video. The first step is to toast the coriander seeds slightly till it starts giving off its unique smell and then grinding them using a spice grinder. The toasted coriander seeds are then transferred to a large tray where it will be used to crust the salmon fillets later. The next step is to marinate the salmon with a little salt and garam masala powder (mixture of coriander, cinnamon, cardamom).

The salmon fillets are then taken and pressed over the coriander seeds to crust the fillets (one side). The salmon is left to marinate for a few minutes. While the salmon sits, the cucumber cilantro mix is prepared. The mix contains cucumber (finely diced), cherry tomatoes (cut in half), yellow and red pepper (diced), onions (sliced) and fresh cilantro seasoned with salt, red chili flakes, fresh lemon juice and honey. The relish really complements the salmon with its brilliant colors and taste.

Now the salmon is cooked. Some olive oil is poured into the hot pan to coat the pan and the salmon fillets are placed carefully on the pan, crust side down and pressed lightly to make sure the fillets are properly seared. After the salmon is cooked on the one side, it is flipped carefully using a spatula. The crust side which is now cooked to a nice brown color faces up and the other side is left to sit and cook for 2 minutes, after which the salmon will be ready. The cooked salmon, coriander crust side up is transferred to a plate, topped with the cucumber-cilantro relish and served.

A simple easy to follow recipe, this video is perfect for those who are looking to make salmon for the first time. "